Bipasha Basu with Milind Soman at Mumbai SBI Pinkathon Announcement

Bollywood celebrities have always been known for supporting a cause to generate social awareness. Bipasha Basu and Milind Soman are on the front to endorse the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign for Pinkathon. These two hotties of the glam world have been Pinkathon ambassadors for quite some time now. Happy to contribute their bit for a genuine social cause, the two feel that this campaign is close to their heart. Being fitness freaks they belong to the same genre of keeping-oneself-active and healthy people. Milind Soman’s known affinity for marathons made this event a fruitful one.

To match the event, Bipasha chose to wear a pink floor length dress and said that as a woman her first priority is to look after her health. She has invited initiatives from people all around to run and support the cause.

At the Pinkathon Presscon, the two stressed on the need to realise the importance of a healthy body and the ways to seek one. The campaign is an important platform that encourages women to fight cancer. They said that it was an honour for them to be associated with Pinkathon in its endeavour to urge women to fight cancer with courage.

SBI Pinkathon has so far been held across the country in Bengaluru, Chennai, delhi, Ahmedabad and Pune. The event expects over 10,000 participants.

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