SRK, Kajol at the launch of film DILWALE song ‘Gerua’

The eternal screen couple are back!!! SRK and Kajol recreate the ultimate romance between a couple in their upcoming movie ‘Dilwale’ after 20 years of iconic DDLJ. Lo and behold! They launched the first song of the movie ‘Gerua’ at ‘Maratha Mandir’ where their superhit DDLJ has been playing for almost 20 years ever since its release in 1995.

The New sizzling Jodi of Varun Dhawan and Kirti Sanon have to match the same chemistry and thus are most looked forward by all.

At the launch of the song we were enamoured by the evergreen beauty of the vivacious Kajol who preferred to go all blingy. Kirti shone in a stunning night blue outfit.

Awaiting for the mysteriously beautiful and magical onscreen couples to light the screen with their charisma. Will Diwale make you want to fall in love yet again?


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