Sonam Kapoor At "Neerja trailer launch

At the trailer launch of 'Neerja' which is a biopic of flight attendant Neerja Bhanot, we saw the always-composed-Sonam break down. Sonam Kapoor who plays the protagonist was intrigued by the valiant character of the ordinary girl, Neerja who saved 359 lives from the hijacked Pan An Flight 73 in Karanchi in 1986, albeit at the cost of her own life. Bhanot was posthumously awarded the Ashok Chabra for her extraordinary bravery. 

Accordingly to Sonam, she was a bit skeptical as to whether she will be able to portray such a  strong character. She took it up  when she was assured by her agent and co-producer of the film Shanti Sivaram Maini that would do justice to the role.

At the trailer launch, Sonam bonded with the two brothers of Neerja Bhanot, Aneesh and Akhil Bhanot. While answering to the media Sonam said, "I was like, I better give this like 3000 percent. Not because of anything but because you owe it to her family, to be as honest as possible and do my very best." She feels Bhanot's attachment to her family and her principles were aspects which sees as common to her.

Shabana Azmi plays the role of her mother while Shekhar Ravjiani will be seen as her love interest. the initial part of the trailer shows Sonam from a middle class family and then shows how the girl never returned home after the terror attack.

The movie is directed by Ram Madhvani and is set to release on February 19, next year. It is being produced by Fox Star studios and Bling Unplugged. 

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