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Dark Side of Fashion


Animal Print Anomalies Yes, animal prints are quite the rage. Yes, they can be worn in stylish and sexy outfits. Yes, they are a style that keeps coming back, so owning something animal print is a life-long investment. But a combination of animal print clothes or accessories all in one outfit, whether it be the same print or different patterns and shades of it, is an ABSOLUTE NO! A single accessory or garment with the iconic print is more than enough to make an outfit edgy; tip the scales just the slightest bit, and you come off looking like a cocktail of shade, gaudy, and downright tacky.

Misfits Ill-fitting clothes are not attractive, no matter what you might think otherwise. Whether they be over-sized or vice versa makes no difference – wearing something so outrageously baggy that it envelops your entire frame looks just as bad as squeezing yourself into something that is two sizes too small for you. Know your frame and body type, and dress accordingly. Figure-hugging crop tops work petite torsos not busty frames, just as free-flowing tunics work better on curvy figures that have something to show through the free falling layers.

Bountiful Bling There is no objection in the least bit to a couple of tasteful pieces of jewellery to class up that outfit. A pair of large hoops, a chunky neckpiece, a selection of glitzy bracelets and bangles, a ring or two or maybe a knuckle-duster, they’re all good… but not all at once! While no jewellery can make an outfit look a little bare, it is still infinitely better than turning out looking like you’ve fallen into what appears to be a mixture of Christmas ornaments and T-Pain’s jewellery collection. Too much bling is definitely overkill.

Cosmetic Recycling No amount of justification will ever substantiate touching up day-old make-up to serve as a ‘just-out-of-bed’ look. It is not stylish. It is not sexy. It is not sanitary. You cannot wake up with smudges of eye-liner and mascara on your face, and then dab away to reshape the smudges. The ‘just-out-of-bed’ look is actually accomplished with a great deal of effort, precision, and fresh make-up – yes, we understand that the name is quite hypocritical, but we implore to you not rebel against the establishment by recycling your make-up.

From Sexy to Sleazy There’s a fine line between being teasingly sexy and trashy and sleazy. Too much skin-show, unless you’re in a bikini at the beach, is one of the worst mistakes that you can make, fashion-wise. A classic mistake involves the cleavage-leg ratio – focus on one or the other, not both. There are infinite number of choices and options when it comes to clothes that can flatter your figure and compliment your look without having to expose, but if you feel like skin-show is one of your stronger points, watch out for that sexy-sleazy line. Make your choice between a plunging neckline or a climbing hemline, and within that choice be sure to factor in your body type and age – at best, excessive skin-show is only something that is (barely) excused on the relatively naïve population of under-20s.

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