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Creative Valentines Day Dates

The day of St. Valentine is almost upon us, and the feeling of love is palpable in the air. The fourteenth of February is perhaps, in today’s times, the most widely celebrated day of love – and when it comes to romantic love, needless to say, it is a hey-day for all those committed couples. Nevertheless, planning a special celebratory date is not an easy task. How do you make every Valentine’s Day as special and unique as the one that came before? Check out some of our suggestions on how you can give your Valentine an ultra-special, ultra-romantic Valentine’s date this year.

Getting Physical

And we don’t mean in bed (at least, not just as yet!). Do something fun and sporty with your Valentine this year – trekking, hiking, swimming, riding, anything at all that is outdoorsy and fun and can be done while enjoying each other’s company. It is a great way to have fun, spend some quality time together, as well as get that adrenaline rushing and ‘happy hormones’ flowing, perfect to set the mood and tone for the rest of your special day together. Although, it is advised that you do not indulge in physical activity that is too intense, as it might just tire you out too much for you to enjoy the rest of the day. Keep it active, but not exhausting.

Quality R&R

Sometimes, however, the exact opposite might just do the trick. Book yourselves into a couple’s massage and spa treatment package for the day. Relax together, maybe hit the pool, take a walk on the beach, and sip on some icy-cold cocktails while you lounge in the sun. Make the best of V-Day and do all the things that will really help you unwind and de-stress with your favourite person in the world.


Take a Vacation


Taking the R&R to the next level, pack yourselves away for the weekend someplace romantic – exotic or quaint, that could depend entirely on your taste. Book a room for two with a comfy king-sized bed and a beautiful balcony view. Spend the day exploring the local culture, with your nights out on the town having delicious dinners and taking dips in the hotel pool, or perhaps even the Jacuzzi with champagne and strawberries as a side-dish. Go all out this Valentine and splurge on yourselves for a memorable couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Pop the Question

Now this is a biggie – if you and your Valentine are at that place in your relationship where you are ready to take it to the next level, V-Day could absolutely be the perfect setting to break it to your Valentine that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. What could make this Valentine’s Day any more special than having it remembered as the day that you finally proposed? On the other hand, your Valentine may like it better if you had popped the question on a day that wasn’t celebrated by the rest of the day, hence giving the two of you a special day of your own. So be careful with this one; make sure that the gesture is something that your Valentine will truly appreciate.

Homebound Lovin’

Sometimes, the best Valentine’s Days can be spent without even setting foot outdoors! Lock yourselves in, turn off your phones, change into your comfiest clothes… and just spend the entire day together doing all of those homely things that you love. Cook together, eat brunch in bed, watch some of your old-time favourite movies, play board games, order in, cuddle together and take an afternoon nap… and maybe step out of the house just once, as you take a drive together and watch the sun set someplace pretty.


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