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9 handbags for Every Woman

9 handbags for Every Woman


The Backpack


The backpack is generally associated with school or college going students. However, of late the backpack has evolved into quite a style statement. Made smaller with chic designs, this comfortable bag with its back straps to leave the hands free, is the perfect accessory for a casual day outing.

The Barrel

Just as the name suggests, this bag is shaped like a barrel and generally constitutes a single shoulder strap. Because of its shape it is quite roomy, and works extremely well when paired with outfits that include a pair of jeans.

The Beach-Bag


Beach-bags are generally made of cloth, straw or linen, which makes it easy to clean if they get dirty or sandy at the beach. They are, of course, not merely restricted to the beach. Generally made in bright, eye-catching colours and patterns, they are perfect for brightening up any day outfit on a dull day.

The Cosmetic Bag


Though not really a handbag, it is still an essential for any woman. Generally square shaped with a long zipper on the top and made of laminated plastic, these bags come perfectly equipped with compartments and pockets for every kind of cosmetic you might own. No spillage, no problem!

The Clutch


Deriving its name from the fact that it strapless, and hence needs to be ‘clutched’ in hand, this kind of bag is perfect for a formal evening soiree. Generally long and flat, the clutch is just enough to hold your phone, money, keys, and maybe a lipstick or two essential for touch-ups over the course of the night. No extra hassle to bother with.

The Duffel



For all your road trips and impromptu out-of-town getaways, make sure that you have a stylish little duffel packed away in your closet. Characterized by a roomy body, drawstring opening and comfortable straps, the duffel is perfect to store a tonne of things without having to carry too many bags.

The Hobo


The Hobo is popular because of its roominess and comfortableness. Designed to be worn over the shoulder, double or single strap, the Hobo differs from the Tote because of its shape – it slouches towards the centre, making it look a little like a crescent. Available in a variety of styles, the Hobo can be paired with most outfits for most occasions.

The Saddle



The name is derived from its appearance – picture a bag on a saddle strap, and there you have it, the saddle bag! These bags are generally small and square-ish in shape, with a single strap that is meant to be worn across the body. A saddle bag is perfect for when you want to go out clubbing or dancing – it looks chic, it carries everything that you need it too, and you can wear it around you comfortably as you groove away.

The Shoulder Bag


As simple as its name suggests, it is basically a bag, big and comfortable, that can be slung on one shoulder. The shoulder bag can come with one or two straps, and this kind of bag actually encompasses most kinds of handbags for women,

The Tote



This is the most common kind of handbag, and is characterized by sometimes adjustable straps and a large roomy body with an open top or a zip on top. Being both chic and functional, it is highly possible that you already own one of these babies.

The Wristlet


The Wristlet is a twist on the classic clutch, coming with one looped strap at one end of the accessory that allows it to be worn around the wrist. This allows for move freedom of movement without having to worry about dropping or losing your valuables.

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