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Shoes for Every Occasion

Shoes for Every Occasion


Daily Workplace Wear


This one you should know with your eyes closed – pumps, pumps, pumps all the way! Closed-toed pumps are the best for the workplace, preferably in sober, neutral colours like black, navy and beige. Low-heeled court shoes also work well if you aren’t too much of a high-heel person, but avoid ballet flats if you can – they’re a little too fun and flirty to be worn regularly to the office.

Daily Casual Wear



This would involve situations such as a random shopping trip or perhaps stopping at a café for a quick bite with a friend – impromptu casual situation that might harbour the possibility of a meal or trip somewhere. Always keep a couple pairs of really comfortable sandals for these occasions – strappy yet comfortable, in some bright shades. This way you’re comfortable, but you’re also accessorized in case of emergency!

Lunch Dates



Lunch dates is where ballet flats come in. It’s sunny, so it’s still okay to be dressy in a fun way. You can never go wrong with a pair of ballet flats: they work in all colours with all outfits – at least, with anything that you would be wearing for lunch. Jeans, sundresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shorts – you name it, they’ll accessorize it.

Dinner Dates


Dinner is usually more of an elegant and sophisticated meal than lunch, so it would do good to pay a little more heed to what footwear you wear here. Heels are generally a good option – something strappy and feminine, and you can even go as high as you want, as dinner generally presupposes sitting down with not much walking. Dinner dates are the perfect opportunity to break out that pair of outrageously non-functional but gorgeous pair of heels that you cannot possibly wear anywhere else. Go all-out with this one!

Clubbing, Partying, Dancing


Most people seize an opportunity of a night-out to glam themselves up in all glory. However, most people forget a very, VERY important aspect of outings like this – they’re going to involve a LOT of footwork, whether it be dancing, club-hopping, or even just generally moving around the place and socializing. It is generally accepted that for times like these heels are what are generally worn – what you then need to do is ensure that you have a pair of heels that are both brightly-coloured and sexy, AS WELL AS comfortable. Keep the 6-inch strappies that always give you a shoe-bite for the sit-down dinner – break out those bright red 4-inch open-toe pumps instead, you can thank us later.

House Party Now here’s a tricky one – most parties at clubs involve dancing and moving around, making it difficult to sport your uncomfortable but gorgeous stilettos. House-parties, however, are a different scenario. Our advice, wear the heels – but carry a pair of comfy flats in your purse. That way you can strut your stuff as the night begins, and once everyone’s a little worn out, including your feet, you can make the switch and continue to have good fun.

Beach Trip


This is, of course, a no-brainer, but we’ll tell you nevertheless. Have a brightly-coloured, STURDY pair of flats in your closet at all times meant especially for the beach. Rubber or plastic would be best so that they can be washed mater on, but more than anything make sure that they are a good fit, so that they don’t get washed right off your feet when the tide comes to play.


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