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How To Get A Fabulous Indian Fashion Clothing On A Tight Budget


From crowded streets to chill at the shopping malls, we’re surrounded with scores of people dressed in different outfits, and we often have something to put our eyes on. We get fabulously amazing ideas and often get tantalized but confused with them. The problems gets severe when we’re on a tight budget. You have to choose a handful of dresses out of a dozen of choices. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack!

Here are a few tips you’’ certainly find helpful in such a case, which is often encountered!

  1. Jot it down

Did you see something really amazing, may be a dress really appealing, and you realized yourself looking fab in that outfit? Well, take a note of everything you find interesting. May be that yellow chinos, or that Anarkali dress with a cut sleeves, or those stylish pumps. Take a note of everything you look and feel, out of your reveries and daydreams, random thoughts and ideas. The designer is within you!

  1. Sieve

Got a lot of points on your notepad ? Too many dresses and styles, accessories to buy? Now here comes the main step. First of all, tick those which are most expensive (or atleast which seem to be) and then double tick those which are least. The items which are left unpicked are the ones, which you can compromise on. Choose the item which you think you need to buy, for sure. Just one, if expensive (ticked), and may be 2 or 3 if least expensive (double ticked). Assign them priorities 1-3 or just 1.

Now, assign priorities to the items which are not ticked. Keep in mind that you must assign single priority to each item, two items cannot be put on same priority.

  1. Finalize

The items which are on priority more than 25% of total items are the ones which you need to buy for this month. Plan the other items for the next month. But be sure that the items you’ve postponed won’t become obsolete or out of fashion by then!

  1. Shop!

The best step of all, you’ll have to find a place where you can shop for the top 25% prioritized items. Now that you’ve compromised and finalized on quantity, you need to focus on quality. Choose the best fabrics, best materials, and best brands. However, accessories need to be a little showy.

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