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Warning: These 4 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Indian Fashion Style

 Who wants to look terrible and dowdy? Obviously no one. However, there are often many of us who unknowingly or may be knowingly dress up in an outfit that destroys Indian fashion style, and not just this, it ruins your looks too.

A lot of tops, some salwars with some pairs of leggings and jeans and perhaps some handbags make up an ideal wardrobe. But did you even take into consideration that “some” outfits out of these can even shatter your dreams of looking fashionable and chic?

To be modest and straightforward, not all dresses and matches can make you look chic and gorgeous. A combination of some good dresses can even make an unjust and terrible concoction! Hence, it is highly likely that you can commit some mistakes to ruin your Indian fashion style.

We’ve made a list of top 4 mistakes which are on the hit list, and a major part of people commit these mistakes. We recommend you to read them and not merely skim, as it would be really beneficial towards getting a zingy look.

  1. Anarkalis on date and shopping plans


If you bought really nice pairs of Anarkali Suitsdoes that mean you’ll wear them, whatever the occasion is? Obviously not. We know that Anarkali suits look perfect on wedding ceremonies and occasions, but we deter from wearing them on outings, weekend shopping plans and dates.


  1. Going on outings without a handbag


Handbags and totes are a part of a gorgeous dress up. Donning a nice dress and a pair of peppy sandals won’t certainly give you that hot look, but adding a handbag to your outfit will give that finishing touch!


  1. Dressing in a tight outfit on a date


Got to go on a hot date? You ought to wear a cool dress. Call it balancing or something else, but dressing in a “barely-there” outfit on a date will certainly ruin the fun out of your date. And may also make it uninteresting and tiring.


  1. Only Western look


Western outfits look perfect, they give the wearer a chic and cool look. Jeans, shorts and mini-skirts, tops and tunics would give you the pleasure of looking modern and fashionable. But wearing them alone every single day can also make you look bromidic and static. Try adding some ethnic clothes and accessories to your dress up.



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