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Indian Fashion For All Body Types


Ever thought of those fancy slim fit jeans, or those tight jeggings? Well, we have something really a must read for all the fashionistas, not just the curvy women, but also the lean and thin ones. However, the figured women look gorgeous undoubtedly in virtually all dress types, but don’t worry if you don’t have that apt figure, you can look better than them! Yes, you just need to be a little cautious and choosy in terms of what you should wear and what not. Generally, women can find themselves fit into one of these three broad figures – Pear, Apple and the hourglass. Just check which pictures you the finest and then read what suits you best!

We have tried to make a list of all body types, so that it becomes easy for you to fit yourself in the picture, and decide what the best is for you. Read on this article as you’ll find this really amazing.

Dressing for your body shape is the way to looking great. Here's some style counsel to discover an impeccable dress for each figure.


If you fail to offer a fuller midsection, and you look to minimize your lower body, try and add volume to your upper body with point of interest. Abstain from wearing heavy wobbly lowers at the bottom.


If you fail to offer a characterized waist, yet brag a womanly midsection and derriere, wear dainty shoes and recuperate to give an extended look to your legs. Moreover, those with an apple figure ought to abstain from being always tight. Stay far from things of every one of the one shade and bridle necks.

Hour glass:

If your midsection and hips are equivalent, and you have an advantageous waist, feature your right gimmicks well with semi-fitted pullovers and utilization waist sashes to help augment your waist. Keep in mind not to include a lot of subtle element or example on this sort of figure. Likewise, keep away from oversized, boxy garments and turtle necks.

With all that said, we’re done, and so are you. Just try to pose yourself in these styles, and make yourself picture even more charismatic and interesting. Looking glamorous is all about dressing well, with confidence and a smile on your face. Always remember that nothing can make your face look better than a mild smile. It adds complexion, beauty, modishness and life to your face and really enhances your look.

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