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Historians cite that the saree is one of the few ancient pieces of clothing worn even during the age of the Aryan and the Dravidian civilization. The traditional Indian saree has undergone drastic transformations over the years. From being the attire of homely housewives, it has become the it-dress and is worn by many Indian and even international celebrities. Bollywood has played a huge role in putting the Indian saree on the global map, and thus the image of the saree has gone from ‘sati-savitri’ to ‘sexy’, and it only took a couple of item numbers and red-carpet appearances. And it wasn’t long before the saree became a fast-growing trend amongst the public.
The saree has become such a popular dress that it is adorned by women not only for weddings and traditional functions, but also for formal office meetings and presentations, as it makes any woman look beautiful and elegant. Many young women now seek to emulate the Bollywood style of their favourite actresses, and this includes wearing the same saree, style of draping, make-up and accessories. If you overhear two school-girls discussing the kind of saree they plan to wear to their school farewell, the response most likely would be, “Something like Priyanka’s saree in the ‘Desi Girl’ song” or “I’m going with Mumtaaz’ look in ‘Aaj kal tere mere’ in ‘Brahmachari’” However, there are only very few who can afford to buy the same high-end designer sarees that are worn by the celebrities.  
Online shopping websites are the perfect solution for those who wish to look like an A-list celebrity without burning a massive hole in their pockets. Replicas of the same Bollywood Sarees are sold on various online shopping websites and there is almost no difference between the two. What’s even greater is that the quality of the sarees is not compromised and the saree feels and looks the same as the original. There is no need to rush to the nearest Nalli to buy your saree, where you will only find extremely traditional and conservative designs. These online shopping portals provide various modern prints and fabrics that can be draped in a million ways. Out with the old, in with the new!

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